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Myofascial release may sound foreign, but this simple technique uses pressure and gentle stretching to restore flexibility slowly to the minute myofascial connective tissues beneath your skin. When damaged, these connective tissues tighten as the body’s response to trauma. The body is trying to protect the damaged area from movement and further harm by seizing up around it. Unfortunately, this can mean pain and restricted movement for the patient.

If you are suffering from painful scarring or tissue damage that is restricting your normal movement, myofascial release performed at Massage Therapy By Frank can dramatically improve your condition. Myofascial release therapy is a very gentle and noninvasive hands-on massage therapy in which the fingertips are used to apply gentle pressure to the myofascial tissue where restrictions are occurring due to injury, surgery, or immune response. It helps your body “reset” your tissue connections and relax the tension.

When you feel tightness in scar tissue, remember the pressure exerted by the fascia can exceed 2,000 pounds PSI. This causes the pain and lack of flexibility you experience with tissue damage. This damage will rarely show up on x-rays or other scans, but your myofascial therapist can locate the trouble with careful examination. Myofascial therapy is performed without oils or tools, using only the skilled hands of your therapist who will apply the right amount of pressure to relieve the pain.

Visit us at Massage Therapy By Frank of Apple Valley, CA to obtain relief from your restrictive tissue damage. Even a single myofascial release treatment will make a considerable difference.

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